Solon High School students accused of using marijuana

5 Solon High School students have been issued misdemeanor citations for drug abuse, according to Solon Police Department.

Solon High School’s principal noticed the students had red eyes and smelled of marijuana. The principal questioned the students and the police were called to the scene.

Marijuana use at Solon High School

Alleged marijuana use at Solon High School

Police officers say the high schoolers all admitted to smoking marijuana at the Park East Apartments prior to coming to school.  Tyler Wall, Melvin Jackson and Antonio Simmons were issued misdemeanor citations for Drug Abuse. Two others are under 18 and have been referred to the juvenile officer for the same offense.  The accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


State Rep. Marlene Anielski welcomes Solon School Students

COLUMBUS—State Representative Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) recently welcomed fourth grade students and their parents from Lewis Elementary School, Parkside Elementary School and Roxbury Elementary School to the Statehouse to participate in her “Legislator for a Day” program. This Legislator for a Day program gives students the opportunity to see how government works on a state level and an in-depth look into the legislative process. The students participated in a mock legislative voting session in the House chambers, took a VIP tour of the Statehouse, and had lunch. While on the tour, the group had a chance to meet with Governor John Kasich, who stressed the importance of keeping up with their studies and to always be a friend to others.

Solon School students with Ohio Governor John Kasich and State Representative Marlene Anielski

Solon School students with Ohio Governor John Kasich and State Representative Marlene Anielski

“It was my pleasure to be able to have the students come to see the People’s House and how their state government works,” Rep Anielski said, “Hopefully the students and families have a better understanding of how an idea becomes a bill and then becomes a law.”

State Representative Marlene Anielski is currently serving her second term in the Ohio House of Representatives.  She represents the 6th House District, which includes portions of Cuyahoga County including Bentleyville, Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Chagrin Falls, Chagrin Falls Township, Gates Mills, Glenwillow, Highland Heights, Hunting Valley, Independence, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Village, Moreland Hills, Oakwood, Seven Hills, Solon, Valley View and Walton Hills.  She can be contacted through her legislative aide, Hallie Stadvec at (614) 644-6041 or

Governor John Kasich is the 69th Governor of Ohio, a former Congressman and candidate for President.  Governor John Kasich is also the author of three New York Times best-sellers: Courage is Contagious; Stand for Something: The Battle for America’s Soul; and Every Other Monday, which focuses on the importance of faith in making both everyday choices and life-changing decisions.

Cari Mineard and Mike Acomb Are The New Principals in Solon

The Solon Board of Education approved personnel moves that solidify the district’s administrative leadership team for the upcoming school year.  Specifically, Cari Mineard will be the new principal at Orchard Middle School and Mike Acomb will be the new principal at Lewis Elementary School.

“We are pleased to announce the new roles for these two excellent administrators,” said Solon Schools’ Superintendent Joe Regano. “In launching the search to fill the open Lewis principal position, we took a hard look at the needs of all the buildings in the district and how the current administrators matched up to those needs. We have spoken often about how successful we have been cultivating our administrators from within the district and these administrative changes follow that pattern.  Both Mike Acomb and Cari Mineard are curriculum experts and have been leaders in our district in implementing research-based educational practices that have direct and positive results on student achievement.

“Mike is a well-respected and seasoned principal in the district and we believe he is a great fit to lead the Lewis school community,” Mr. Regano added.  “Similarly, Cari Mineard spent much of the past year at Orchard Middle School as the interim assistant principal.  She has already built a strong rapport with the Orchard teaching staff, as well as the parents and students.  The leadership transition at both schools should be very smooth and the academic excellence at Lewis and Orchard will continue uninterrupted.”

Mike Acomb has served as the Orchard Middle School principal since 2005.  Prior to his appointment as Orchard principal, Mr. Acomb was an assistant principal at Orchard, a technology resource teacher leader as well as a classroom teacher.

“I am thrilled to be the new Lewis principal,” said Mr. Acomb.  “My career in Solon started as an elementary teacher at Roxbury, so I am looking forward to returning to the K-4 environment and getting to know the Lewis students and their families.  Building partnerships with parents is something that I value highly and I am eagerly anticipating beginning those new relationships at Lewis.  I also am anxious to begin working with the exceptional staff at the school. Together, I believe there is great opportunity to improve upon the already high-performing school culture at Lewis.”

Prior to her move to Orchard this year as interim assistant principal, Mrs. Mineard worked as a guidance counselor at Lewis Elementary School, a curriculum and gifted resource teacher and a classroom teacher, all in Solon.

“I am delighted and honored to become a permanent member of the Orchard team,” Mrs. Mineard said.  “During my time at Orchard this year, I have had the opportunity to work with the highly skilled and hard-working Orchard staff members and talented students.  I am excited and looking forward to the new school year and continuing to build relationships with the students, parents and staff.”

As the start of school approaches, information about meet-and-greet events at Lewis Elementary School and Orchard Middle School will be shared with families so students and parents can begin getting to know the new principals.

Solon City Schools Offer Camp Invention

In partnership with Invent Now, Solon City Schools offered the nationally-acclaimed Camp Invention program to children entering grades one through six at Parkside Elementary School .  This exciting, week-long summer adventure in creativity immersed children in imaginative play that reinforced and supplemented school-year learning in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  Children worked together to seek innovative solutions to real-world problems and sharpened critical 21st century learning skills such as teamwork and creative problem solving as they rotated through four modules each day that disguise learning as fun.  This exciting week of four fun-filled modules began on June 22, under the direction of Dr. Bryan R. Drost.

In the Inventeureka™ module, children ventured on the Ci6000 Space Modulator Time Machine for a fantasy adventure. Children built their own inventions and learned to adapt certain features for various situations.

Participants spent their time navigating an island via upcycled ships and learned the power of combining magnetism and electricity during the Magnetropolis™ module.

Camp Invention at Solon Solon District

Camp Invention at Solon Solon District

In the I Can Invent: Balloon Burst™ module, children designed balloon bursting machines, while learning the importance of gears, motors, springs, and magnets.

Finally, in the Action and Adventure Games™ module, a participant favorite, children combined physical activity and creativity to manipulate the rules of fun, energetic games.

Children used many recyclable items such as bottle caps, bubble wrap, foam trays, plastic tubing, shoe boxes, water bottles, buttons, cereal boxes, foam trays, containers, lids in their projects.

Local educators Mrs. Renee Illa, Mrs. Laura DiBarto, Mrs. Susan Kenzig, Mrs. Wendy Houlahan, Ms. Becca Weinfurtner facilitated the program modules.  High school counselors Lauren Kirian, Thai McLoughlin, Molly Houlahan and Kyra Douglas and volunteers Stephanie Kenzig, Chris Kenzig, Andy DiBarto and Sarah Vale provided assistance ensuring that one staff member was in place for every eight children.

Solon Board of Education Appoints John Heckman

Acknowledging the impressive qualifications of the 11 candidates who participated in the interview process, the Solon Board of Education met at 4:30 p.m. May 17 in open session and voted unanimously to appoint Solon resident John Heckman to fill the open position created when long-time Board member Dorothy Seibert resigned on May 1.

John Heckman, Solon Board of Education

John Heckman, Solon Board of Education

John Heckman will serve on the Board until January 1, 2014, and his seat will be up for re-election in the November 2013 general election.  “The Board of Education has made this decision in the best interest of the Solon Schools and the students in our district,” said Solon Board of Education President Margo Morrow. “This was a thoughtful and reflective process.” The Board’s vote at today’s meeting followed an interview process earlier this week.

Each applicant spent 30 minutes with the Board members answering identical questions and providing information about their qualifications, background and the expertise they could offer the district.  Mr. Heckman brings to the position more than 25 years of experience in the field of finance as a Certified Public Account and currently as vice president of finance for Kirtland Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Beachwood.

“John has demonstrated a clear understanding of the complicated school finance issues in Ohio as well as how these issues impact the district’s bottom line,” Mrs. Morrow said. “We are confident John will be an exceptional financial steward for the district.  He demonstrated keen understanding of the obstacles the district could face in the future regarding funding issues and the most efficient utilization of our resources and facilities with our leveling of enrollment. John also has a solid working knowledge of our district mission and the strategic objectives in place to meet the needs of Solon and Glenwillow students.  He is passionate about the Solon Schools and maintaining our high-quality educational program.”  Mrs. Morrow also noted that Mr. Heckman is a solution-oriented problem solver and a consensus builder.  “John is a team player and an effective leader,” she added.  “He is actively involved in the Solon Schools as a volunteer at the building level as well as at the district level, serving on the Strategic Planning Team and the leader of the Finance Action Team.”

Mr. Heckman and his wife, Lisa, an active PTA volunteer and officer, have two sons at Parkside Elementary School and Orchard Middle School.

Mrs. Morrow stressed that the community was well-represented in the appointment process. “The quality of the applicants for the open position was impressive. The Board thanks all of the applicants for their participation in the process and looks forward to their continued connection to the Solon Schools and the community.” The Board will schedule a special meeting as soon as possible so Mr. Heckman can be sworn in and begin serving his term.

Village of Glenwillow : A Snapshot

Map of Village of Glenwillow Ohio

Map of Village of Glenwillow Ohio


Village of Glenwillow Demographics

Population: 940
Glenwillow Residents’ Average Age: 36
Median Income: 68k
Number of homes: 294
Median home price: 250k
Industrial area: ~ 50%
Non-industrial area: ~ 50%

Village of Glenwillow Population by Race

White 530 (57.4%)
Black 265 (28.7)
American Indian and Alaska Native 2 (0.2%)
Asian 96 (10.4)
Other races 3 (0.3%)
Multi-race 27 (2.9%)
Hispanic 10 (1.1%)

Minorities (43.2%)

Village of Glenwillow Ohio Income Distribution

Village of Glenwillow Ohio Income Distribution

Village of Glenwillow Advantages

Property tax: 2.2%
Income tax: 2%
Solon School District

Village of Glenwillow Disadvantages

Glenwillow Sanitary Landfill (now capped) off of Pettibone Road
Cuyahoga Regional Sanitary Landfill (visible from Richmond Road)
BFI waste transfer station

Village of Glenwillow Services

Mayor-Mark Cegelka
Glenwillow Police Department-24/7 services by 2 staff
Glenwillow Fire Department-Contract with Village of Oakwood
Convenient location

Village of Glenwillow Subdivisions

Tinkers Court subdivision
Glenwillow Place subdivision by Anbrook Homes
Pettibone Glen subdivision
Tinkers valley subdivision
A mobile home park

Village of Glenwillow foreclosures

Village of Glenwillow foreclosures

Village of Glenwillow Businesses

Super Beverage Group in a facility owned by Geis Properties
Glenwillow Grille on Pettibone Road