City of Solon’s Traffic Signal Upgrade Project Is Underway

Perram Electric performs traffic signal upgrade in City of Solon, Ohio

Perram Electric performs traffic signal upgrade in City of Solon, Ohio

Perram Electric is seen performing traffic signal upgrade work near the intersection of SOM Center Road and Portz Parkway in City of Solon.  David Powell is the project engineer for Perram Electric.  Perram Electric’s bid was nearly $700,000 lower than the closest competitor, Miller Cable.  Bids were also received from Rauhorn Electric, Zenith Systems, Terrace Construction and Thompson Electric for this project.

Solon Councilman Bill Mooney had asked about Maintaining Traffic during a City meeting.  He  wanted to understand why Perram Electric’s bid  amount was so much lower than the other bidders.   City’s Traffic Engineer, John Busch said his staff noted that item as well.  After meeting with  Perram Electric, it was found that Perram Electric was comfortable with  the $15,000.00 bid amount and it was agreed there would not be any change orders for maintenance of traffic.

In total, the project will cost nearly $7.2 million, however, because of federal grants and other funding sources, the city will be responsible for $1.2 million.  City of Solon plans to replace or upgrade of 46 traffic, including 13 along the city’s arterial street, SOM Center Road.  The anticipated construction cost is about $5.6 million, with the rest of the budgeted money set aside for change orders and cost overruns.


Perram Electric begins signal upgrade in City of Solon

City of Solon’s traffic signal contractor, Perram Electric, began drilling pole foundations and boring cables under roads on SOM Center Road from 422 to Aurora Road and on Solon Road from Cochran Road to Richmond Road.  All 43 traffic signals within the City of Solon will be replaced and/or upgraded during the 2 year project.

Gazebo in City of Solon Ohio

Gazebo in City of Solon Ohio

Upon completion, all signals will be accessible through a central computer system located at City Hall. The system will include the latest in traffic technology including video detection and fiber optic communications. 80% of the $4.2 million project cost is covered by a grant from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency.  There will be temporary lane closures at the various intersections during construction.

Solon Resident Judge Harry Jacob III Indicted

The Law Director of the City of Bedford and a Judge at Bedford Municipal Court have been indicted on charges involving public corruption and prostitution, Cuyahoga County Timothy J. McGinty announced today.

Harry J. Jacob III. Judge, Bedford Municipal Court

Harry J. Jacob III. Judge, Bedford Municipal Court

Law Director and City Prosecutor Kenneth Schuman has been charged with one count each of Bribery, Unlawful Interest in a Public Contract, Money Laundering, Theft in Office, Obstructing Justice, Falsification, Receiving Improper Compensation and Soliciting. The first six of those eight charges are felonies.

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Solon City Council seeks one good Ward 3 resident

The Solon City Council is accepting applications to fill a Ward 3 Council Representative vacancy for the unexpired term ending November 30, 2015.  This vacancy follows the resignation of Ward 3 Councilwoman, Toni Richmond, from Solon City Council.

City of Solon Council Chamber at Solon City Hall

City of Solon Council Chamber at Solon City Hall

Applicants must be a resident of the City of Solon for 18 consecutive months and a qualified elector residing in Ward 3.  The salary for this part time vacancy is approximately $11,877.32.  There are no benefits.

Interested persons must submit a resume along with a letter of interest to Carol McConoughey, Clerk of Council, 34200 Bainbridge Road, Solon, Ohio, no later than Monday, December 2, 2013, by 4:00 P.M.

It is anticipated that interviews will be held during the first or second week of December, 2013.

City of Solon's dog nuisance ordinance

City of Solon’s Codified Ordinance 618 deals with animals.


(a)   No person shall keep or harbor any dog within the Municipality which, by frequent and habitual barking, howling or yelping, creates unreasonably loud and disturbing noises of such a character, intensity and duration as to disturb the peace, quiet and good order of the Municipality.  Any person who allows any dog habitually to remain or be lodged or fed within any dwelling, building, yard or enclosure, which he or she occupies or owns, shall be considered to be harboring such dog.

(b)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.


(a)   No person shall keep or harbor any animal or fowl in the Municipality so as to create noxious or offensive odors or unsanitary conditions which are a menace to the health, comfort or safety of the public.
(b)   No owner shall allow his or her dog, cat, or other domestic animal to become a public nuisance.  Excessive barking, whining or howling, molesting passersby, chasing vehicles, attacking other domestic animals, and damaging property shall be considered nuisances under this section.

(c)   Any animal that scratches, digs, urinates or defecates upon any lawn, tree, shrub, plat, building or other public or private property, other than the property of the owner or person in charge or control of such animal, is hereby declared to be a public nuisance.  Where the owner or person in charge or control of such animal immediately removes all feces deposited by such animal and disposes of the same in a sanitary manner, such nuisance shall be considered abated.
(d)Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(1964 Code Sec. 503.13)

City of Solon’s animal warden is Greg Miller.  The animal warden works under the supervision of the Police Chief Christopher Viland.  These misdemeanor cases require a mandatory appearance at the Bedford Municipal Court at 66 Columbus Road, Bedford.  Lon Stolarsky is the prosecutor for City of Solon.

Marc Kotora wins Ward 4 in Solon

Solon Public Library, Cuyahoga County

Mark Kotora, Solon Ward 4 Councilman

Stanley L. Gordon – 331 votes/35.44%
Marc R. Kotora – 603/64.56%

Adam Fair – 124 votes/16.85%
Edward H. Kraus –  612 votes/83.15%

Robert Pelunis – Elected Unopposed

Susan Drucker – Elected Unopposed

John N. Heckman 2,626
Margo Morrow 2,416
Robert A. Paulson 2,074