Solon High School students accused of using marijuana

5 Solon High School students have been issued misdemeanor citations for drug abuse, according to Solon Police Department.

Solon High School’s principal noticed the students had red eyes and smelled of marijuana. The principal questioned the students and the police were called to the scene.

Marijuana use at Solon High School

Alleged marijuana use at Solon High School

Police officers say the high schoolers all admitted to smoking marijuana at the Park East Apartments prior to coming to school.  Tyler Wall, Melvin Jackson and Antonio Simmons were issued misdemeanor citations for Drug Abuse. Two others are under 18 and have been referred to the juvenile officer for the same offense.  The accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Solon Square Shopping Center looses Earth Fare

Earth Fare of Solon has closed

Earth Fare of Solon has closed

Earth Fare opened a store at 33321 Aurora Road in the Solon Square Shopping Center in May 2013.  Intense competition in the form of the Giant Eagle Market District in Solon Village, Mustard Seed Market in Uptown Solon and Marc’s Grocery Store may have been a factor in its closing in March 2014.

Its a loss for the residents of Solon because Earth Fare’s food philosophy is:

NO High-Fructose Corn Syrup
NO artificial fats or artificial trans fats
NO artificial colors
NO artificial flavors
NO artificial preservatives
NO artificial sweeteners
NO antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones in our fresh meat or dairy
NO bleached or bromated flour

Karen Prasser has high morality and ethics

For 17 years, I served as the pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Solon, retiring in August of 2010.

Karen Prasser, Solon Center for the Arts

Karen Prasser, Solon Center for the Arts

For several years preceding my retirement, Karen Prasser served as the music director of our church in addition to serving as director of the Solon Center for the Arts. Through her encouragement, my wife and I became fans of Solon Center for the Arts and attended several of its theatrical productions and art shows.

It was apparent to me that Karen had built Solon Center for the Arts into a thriving enterprise during her tenure there. She was equally successful in building up the music program at our church, where she continues to do a marvelous job.

My reason for writing, however, is not to extol Karen for her accomplishments, but to testify regarding her character. Karen is a person of unimpeachable integrity. As a pastor I have become thoroughly acquainted with human nature in both its positive and negative aspects and I can honestly say that I have not met anyone with a higher standard of personal morality and professional ethics than Karen.

I strongly urge those who are conducting this ill-founded investigation that it be brought to a speedy conclusion and that her character be publicly vindicated.

Powell Woods
Pastor Emeritus of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
Solon, Ohio

State Rep. Marlene Anielski welcomes Solon School Students

COLUMBUS—State Representative Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) recently welcomed fourth grade students and their parents from Lewis Elementary School, Parkside Elementary School and Roxbury Elementary School to the Statehouse to participate in her “Legislator for a Day” program. This Legislator for a Day program gives students the opportunity to see how government works on a state level and an in-depth look into the legislative process. The students participated in a mock legislative voting session in the House chambers, took a VIP tour of the Statehouse, and had lunch. While on the tour, the group had a chance to meet with Governor John Kasich, who stressed the importance of keeping up with their studies and to always be a friend to others.

Solon School students with Ohio Governor John Kasich and State Representative Marlene Anielski

Solon School students with Ohio Governor John Kasich and State Representative Marlene Anielski

“It was my pleasure to be able to have the students come to see the People’s House and how their state government works,” Rep Anielski said, “Hopefully the students and families have a better understanding of how an idea becomes a bill and then becomes a law.”

State Representative Marlene Anielski is currently serving her second term in the Ohio House of Representatives.  She represents the 6th House District, which includes portions of Cuyahoga County including Bentleyville, Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Chagrin Falls, Chagrin Falls Township, Gates Mills, Glenwillow, Highland Heights, Hunting Valley, Independence, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Village, Moreland Hills, Oakwood, Seven Hills, Solon, Valley View and Walton Hills.  She can be contacted through her legislative aide, Hallie Stadvec at (614) 644-6041 or

Governor John Kasich is the 69th Governor of Ohio, a former Congressman and candidate for President.  Governor John Kasich is also the author of three New York Times best-sellers: Courage is Contagious; Stand for Something: The Battle for America’s Soul; and Every Other Monday, which focuses on the importance of faith in making both everyday choices and life-changing decisions.

Solon Resident arrested at Solon Public Library

On 6/11/12 Solon Police officers responded to the Solon branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library located at 34125 Portz Parkway, regarding a confrontation at the desk.

According to a Solon Public Library employee, Joni Sand, the victim, a 21 year old Solon man, was at the desk checking out items when another male approached him and began yelling “I am going to fuck you up!” several times while raising his fists.  Mrs. Joni Sand left the area and told her supervisor, who called Solon Police Department.

Solon Public Library, Cuyahoga County

Solon Public Library, Cuyahoga County

Bernard Hampton, 42, a resident of Liberty Hills Apartments in Solon was arrested for Domestic Violence and held without bond pending his initial hearing with Bedford Municipal Court.  The victim was Bernard Hampton’s son.  The victim indicated that his father was upset because he would not give him the keys to the apartment.

The charge of domestic violence ORC 2919.25(c) an M-2 is not evidence of guilt.  A defendant is entitled to a fair trial in which it will be the government’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Tennis Camps Offered by Solon Recreation Department

The Solon Recreation Department offers week long tennis camps through the months of June and July at the Solon Community Park Tennis Courts.   Camps are offered in three sessions for two age groups, grades K-3 and grades 4-7.  Camps run from 9 AM through 12 PM every day for five days.

According to Andrew Korba, the head tennis instructor, the camp starts with ball handling (bouncing up and down, tricks) followed by stretching, then drills (forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads).   The campers break for snack in the middle and return to the courts to play various games.  Adjustments are made based on skills level of the participants.  During team competitions, teams are composed of players of varied skill levels to add excitement.  During individual competition, tougher feeds are utilized for advanced players.  Each camper receives a shirt during the week of camp.

Tennis Camp at Solon Community Park

Tennis Camp at Solon Community Park

Tennis Class at Solon Community Park

Tennis Class at Solon Community Park

Jeffrey Luca, Program Manager of the Solon Recreation Department oversees the tennis and all summer camps.  Dan Caplin is a special advisor that helps oversee the whole tennis program.  The tennis camp instructors include Andrew Korba, Marcy Chevako, Brandon Gross, Danielle Pivovar, Nikki Resor, Kalli Sternberg, and Madi Thomas.  Each instructor has experience playing high school tennis.

Andrew Korba said that “We all enjoy working together and working with the kids in tennis camp.  We not only look to give the kids the best instruction possible, we also look to have some fun with them as well.  We strive to have kids go home at the end of the day and tell their parents and friends what they did and how much fun they are having.  Getting a repeat camper is always nice because it shows that they are having fun and looking to improve on their game as well.”

The Solon Community Park Tennis Courts are open daily to the public from 7.30 AM to 11 PM, April 1st through November 1st.