Solon Patch Editor Mitch Cooper Signs Off

With a cryptic note titled, Goodbye, Solon! I Hardly Knew Ye, the young successor to Chris Mazzolini/second editor of Solon Patch, Mitch Cooper signed off;

After a shakeup in the Patch model in Northeast Ohio back in May 2013, I, Local Editor Mitch Cooper, was given the reins to Solon Patch.  Filling in for Chris Mazzolini was no small feat, but I tried.   Sadly, as of 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15  2013, I will no longer be at the helm of Solon Patch……..Signing off for the final time, for Solon Patch.  I’m Mitch Cooper.

Patch Media was a group of sites focused on small towns that was acquired by AOL.  AOL (America Online) is a multinational mass media corporation headquartered in New York.  Bud Rosenthal is the Chief Executive Officer of Patch.  Tim Armstrong is the Chairman and CEO of AOL.


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