Tennis Camps Offered by Solon Recreation Department

The Solon Recreation Department offers week long tennis camps through the months of June and July at the Solon Community Park Tennis Courts.   Camps are offered in three sessions for two age groups, grades K-3 and grades 4-7.  Camps run from 9 AM through 12 PM every day for five days.

According to Andrew Korba, the head tennis instructor, the camp starts with ball handling (bouncing up and down, tricks) followed by stretching, then drills (forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads).   The campers break for snack in the middle and return to the courts to play various games.  Adjustments are made based on skills level of the participants.  During team competitions, teams are composed of players of varied skill levels to add excitement.  During individual competition, tougher feeds are utilized for advanced players.  Each camper receives a shirt during the week of camp.

Tennis Camp at Solon Community Park

Tennis Camp at Solon Community Park

Tennis Class at Solon Community Park

Tennis Class at Solon Community Park

Jeffrey Luca, Program Manager of the Solon Recreation Department oversees the tennis and all summer camps.  Dan Caplin is a special advisor that helps oversee the whole tennis program.  The tennis camp instructors include Andrew Korba, Marcy Chevako, Brandon Gross, Danielle Pivovar, Nikki Resor, Kalli Sternberg, and Madi Thomas.  Each instructor has experience playing high school tennis.

Andrew Korba said that “We all enjoy working together and working with the kids in tennis camp.  We not only look to give the kids the best instruction possible, we also look to have some fun with them as well.  We strive to have kids go home at the end of the day and tell their parents and friends what they did and how much fun they are having.  Getting a repeat camper is always nice because it shows that they are having fun and looking to improve on their game as well.”

The Solon Community Park Tennis Courts are open daily to the public from 7.30 AM to 11 PM, April 1st through November 1st.


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