Solon Board of Education Appoints John Heckman

Acknowledging the impressive qualifications of the 11 candidates who participated in the interview process, the Solon Board of Education met at 4:30 p.m. May 17 in open session and voted unanimously to appoint Solon resident John Heckman to fill the open position created when long-time Board member Dorothy Seibert resigned on May 1.

John Heckman, Solon Board of Education

John Heckman, Solon Board of Education

John Heckman will serve on the Board until January 1, 2014, and his seat will be up for re-election in the November 2013 general election.  “The Board of Education has made this decision in the best interest of the Solon Schools and the students in our district,” said Solon Board of Education President Margo Morrow. “This was a thoughtful and reflective process.” The Board’s vote at today’s meeting followed an interview process earlier this week.

Each applicant spent 30 minutes with the Board members answering identical questions and providing information about their qualifications, background and the expertise they could offer the district.  Mr. Heckman brings to the position more than 25 years of experience in the field of finance as a Certified Public Account and currently as vice president of finance for Kirtland Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Beachwood.

“John has demonstrated a clear understanding of the complicated school finance issues in Ohio as well as how these issues impact the district’s bottom line,” Mrs. Morrow said. “We are confident John will be an exceptional financial steward for the district.  He demonstrated keen understanding of the obstacles the district could face in the future regarding funding issues and the most efficient utilization of our resources and facilities with our leveling of enrollment. John also has a solid working knowledge of our district mission and the strategic objectives in place to meet the needs of Solon and Glenwillow students.  He is passionate about the Solon Schools and maintaining our high-quality educational program.”  Mrs. Morrow also noted that Mr. Heckman is a solution-oriented problem solver and a consensus builder.  “John is a team player and an effective leader,” she added.  “He is actively involved in the Solon Schools as a volunteer at the building level as well as at the district level, serving on the Strategic Planning Team and the leader of the Finance Action Team.”

Mr. Heckman and his wife, Lisa, an active PTA volunteer and officer, have two sons at Parkside Elementary School and Orchard Middle School.

Mrs. Morrow stressed that the community was well-represented in the appointment process. “The quality of the applicants for the open position was impressive. The Board thanks all of the applicants for their participation in the process and looks forward to their continued connection to the Solon Schools and the community.” The Board will schedule a special meeting as soon as possible so Mr. Heckman can be sworn in and begin serving his term.


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