Solon Police Department Issues Burglary Alert

Northeast area suburbs have been experiencing a number of “Distraction Burglaries” where the victim, typically elderly, is approached at their home by someone representing themselves as a utility worker, potential new neighbor, etc. and distracts the homeowner while a second person burglarizes the house.

Please be careful of anyone who approaches you at your home whom you are not expecting, and do not let them in your house or allow them to draw you outside.  Confirm their identity by asking for ID, calling the company they allegedly represent, or just turn them away and tell them they have to schedule an appointment.  Be especially vigilant and watch out for yourselves and your neighbors, particularly the elderly!


Solon Police: Robbery At Liberty Hill Apartments

On Dec. 30th, 2011 at approximately 12:39 AM, a 57 year old woman, Min Sen Li, was robbed as she left the garage of her 32407 Hamilton Court residence in Liberty Hill Apartments.

The victim was chased down by two suspects, the first described as a heavyset black male wearing an orange jacket and blue stocking hat and the second described as a slender black male wearing a blue hoodie.  The male in the orange jacket struck the victim in the head with a handgun, knocking her down while the second male punched her in the arm, shoulder and side until she released her purse. The two then fled on foot, possibly to a dark colored SUV.  It is possible that they used the victim’s credit card at the True North station at 21920 Miles Road a short time later.

Anyone with information please contact Detective Terwilliger of the Solon Police Department 440-337-1460 or

Goldberg Companies Inc., is the management company/property owner of Liberty Hill Apartments located at 32450 Cromwell Drive.