Village of Glenwillow : A Snapshot

Map of Village of Glenwillow Ohio

Map of Village of Glenwillow Ohio


Village of Glenwillow Demographics

Population: 940
Glenwillow Residents’ Average Age: 36
Median Income: 68k
Number of homes: 294
Median home price: 250k
Industrial area: ~ 50%
Non-industrial area: ~ 50%

Village of Glenwillow Population by Race

White 530 (57.4%)
Black 265 (28.7)
American Indian and Alaska Native 2 (0.2%)
Asian 96 (10.4)
Other races 3 (0.3%)
Multi-race 27 (2.9%)
Hispanic 10 (1.1%)

Minorities (43.2%)

Village of Glenwillow Ohio Income Distribution

Village of Glenwillow Ohio Income Distribution

Village of Glenwillow Advantages

Property tax: 2.2%
Income tax: 2%
Solon School District

Village of Glenwillow Disadvantages

Glenwillow Sanitary Landfill (now capped) off of Pettibone Road
Cuyahoga Regional Sanitary Landfill (visible from Richmond Road)
BFI waste transfer station

Village of Glenwillow Services

Mayor-Mark Cegelka
Glenwillow Police Department-24/7 services by 2 staff
Glenwillow Fire Department-Contract with Village of Oakwood
Convenient location

Village of Glenwillow Subdivisions

Tinkers Court subdivision
Glenwillow Place subdivision by Anbrook Homes
Pettibone Glen subdivision
Tinkers valley subdivision
A mobile home park

Village of Glenwillow foreclosures

Village of Glenwillow foreclosures

Village of Glenwillow Businesses

Super Beverage Group in a facility owned by Geis Properties
Glenwillow Grille on Pettibone Road


City of Solon Ohio and Mayor Susan Drucker vs Sally Deitrick

60 year old Sally Deitrick, a resident of City of Aurora in Ohio and a former employee of City of Solon filed a complaint in the Court of Common Pleas, Cuyahoga County against Susan Drucker individually and in her capacity as the Mayor of Solon and City of Solon.  The judge assigned to the complaint is Peter J. Corrigan.

Sue Reid of the Chagrin Valley Times reports that Sally Deitrick’s annual salary was about $68,000.

Susan Drucker, Mayor, City of Solon

Susan Drucker, Mayor, City of Solon

Sally Deitrick is being represented by attorneys Susan L. Gragel and Andrew A. Crampton of Goldstein Gragel LLC.  City of Solon will be reportedly represented by Thompson Hine LLP.  The leader for the Cleveland office of Thompson Hine LLP is James B. Aronoff.  The law firm has offices in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, New York and Washington, D. C.

In her complaint, Sally Deitrick makes three claims for relief:

  1. Age Discrimination
  2. Wrongful Termination and
  3. Defamation

Another side of this issue is represented by the employment termination letter of Sally Deitrick, which takes a diametrically opposite position.  More details on Downloads.