City of Solon Senior Center Offers Yoga Flow Classes

The Solon Senior Center is offering Yoga Flow classes geared for senior citizens at 35000 Portz Parkway.  These Yoga Flow classes last for 45 to 60 minutes and are held on Wednesdays at 11:00 AM and Fridays at 9:15 AM. Currently, these Yoga Flow classes have attracted about 15 to 25 participants in the age range of 60 to 90.  The two instructors for the Yoga Flow classes are Janet Kennedy and Liz Martin. Liz Martin, a Yoga Flow instructor said that the participants don’t get on the floor.  She said that the instruction focuses on breath and posture and how these practices can be carried into everyday life. According to Jill Frankel, director of Solon’s Senior Services Department, Yoga Flow classes are geared for the mature adult with or without physical limitations. Participants are taught breathing techniques as well as standing and chair yoga poses that refresh mind, body and spirit, as well as improve balance. No previous experience is required.

Solon Senior Center Yoga Instructors:

Janet Kennedy (440) 543-1057 Liz Martin (216) 407-7520


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