Democracy : A Visual Art In City of Solon Ohio

The City of Solon derives its name from Lorenzo Solon Bull, the son of Isaac Bull, one of the first settlers.  It is thought that young Lorenzo’s middle name was derived from the father of democracy, Solon, the famous Athenian lawmaker of Ancient Greece. Now, let us fast forward to 2011 in Solon.  The deadline for filing petitions for election to Solon Council Ward 1, Ward 3, Ward 5 and Ward 7 was June 30th.  Current Solon City Council members, Ward 1 Councilman Richard A. Bell, Ward 3 Councilwoman Toni M. Richmond, Ward 5 Councilwoman Nancy E. Meany and Ward 7 Councilman William I. Russo submitted their petitions to Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.  They have no competition because no other candidates filed a petition with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to run against them.  There will not be a primary election scheduled for September 13, 2011 and all candidates move to the General Election. Rick Bell replaced Councilwoman Susan Drucker when she was elected as Solon’s mayor.  Toni Richmond replaced Councilman John Scott.  Nancy Meany replaced Councilman and Vice Mayor Lon Stolarsky.   Cuyahoga County Board of Elections


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