Solon Resident Reports Craigslist Ad Scam

A 36 year old female Solon resident reported to the Solon Police Department that she contacted an individual from a Craigslist advertisement about a vehicle for sale.  She was told that the transaction could be completed through Ebay and received an email from “Ebay” which instructed her to send $3750.00 to an escrow account until she decided to buy the vehicle, which she did.  She then faxed a confirmation of intent to purchase and received an email stating the vehicle would be delivered, which it was not.  She contacted Ebay and was told that there was no record of such a transaction, and it was likely a scam. The detective bureau is reviewing this case.


City of Solon Senior Center Offers Yoga Flow Classes

The Solon Senior Center is offering Yoga Flow classes geared for senior citizens at 35000 Portz Parkway.  These Yoga Flow classes last for 45 to 60 minutes and are held on Wednesdays at 11:00 AM and Fridays at 9:15 AM. Currently, these Yoga Flow classes have attracted about 15 to 25 participants in the age range of 60 to 90.  The two instructors for the Yoga Flow classes are Janet Kennedy and Liz Martin. Liz Martin, a Yoga Flow instructor said that the participants don’t get on the floor.  She said that the instruction focuses on breath and posture and how these practices can be carried into everyday life. According to Jill Frankel, director of Solon’s Senior Services Department, Yoga Flow classes are geared for the mature adult with or without physical limitations. Participants are taught breathing techniques as well as standing and chair yoga poses that refresh mind, body and spirit, as well as improve balance. No previous experience is required.

Solon Senior Center Yoga Instructors:

Janet Kennedy (440) 543-1057 Liz Martin (216) 407-7520

Democracy : A Visual Art In City of Solon Ohio

The City of Solon derives its name from Lorenzo Solon Bull, the son of Isaac Bull, one of the first settlers.  It is thought that young Lorenzo’s middle name was derived from the father of democracy, Solon, the famous Athenian lawmaker of Ancient Greece. Now, let us fast forward to 2011 in Solon.  The deadline for filing petitions for election to Solon Council Ward 1, Ward 3, Ward 5 and Ward 7 was June 30th.  Current Solon City Council members, Ward 1 Councilman Richard A. Bell, Ward 3 Councilwoman Toni M. Richmond, Ward 5 Councilwoman Nancy E. Meany and Ward 7 Councilman William I. Russo submitted their petitions to Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.  They have no competition because no other candidates filed a petition with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to run against them.  There will not be a primary election scheduled for September 13, 2011 and all candidates move to the General Election. Rick Bell replaced Councilwoman Susan Drucker when she was elected as Solon’s mayor.  Toni Richmond replaced Councilman John Scott.  Nancy Meany replaced Councilman and Vice Mayor Lon Stolarsky.   Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

Foreclosed Thornbury Estates Home Valued at 850K Sold For 440K

According to the records of the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer, a single family dwelling at 38710 Flanders Drive, Solon, Ohio was sold to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company by Ogbonnaya Edeh via a Sheriffs Deed for $440,000 on May 11, 2011.  The combined value of the land and building is stated as 850,000. In September 2007, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office provided a press release titled, Four Mortgage Fraud Cases Indicted-4 Houses in Solon, Ohio-Over $2.6 Million in Fraudulent Loans

The fourth Solon case involves a new house at 38710 Flanders Drive. Ogbonnaya Edeh, 49, of Cleveland, fraudulently obtained an $850,000 loan from New Century Mortgage Company. He never made a down payment, never saw the inside of the house before the purchase, and never lived in it. Edeh was employed as a local cab driver, but he falsely stated he made $150,000 as a structural engineer for Classic Tango Engineering, and Phillip Taylor, the owner of that company, falsely verified Edeh’s employment and income. Edeh received $31,000 for this scam. Brian Chenoweth, president of Widdershin One, Inc., and Ike Osuji, a middle man, who posed as a buyer, were also indicted for their involvement in this scheme. Edeh was a “straw buyer” in this scheme that involved other individuals, including Stephen Holman and Jeffrey Brown of Buckeye Lending, Inc. After Edeh purchased this house, Holman and Brown leased the home to a tenant, who signed the lease with Brown’s company, Marketing Land and Concrete, LLC. That tenant made rent payments that were intended to pay the new mortgage and these payments counted toward buying the home. However, the tenant he lost his $6,000 initial down payment and $22,600 in lease payments before realizing it was a scam. Neither Brown nor Holman used these payments to pay the mortgage obligation to New Century. Each defendant was indicted on several theft and forgery related charges, which range in prison time from one to five years. The house is now in foreclosure.

Donations to Solon Police Department's K-9 Fund Get Stryker A New Bullet Proof Vest

Solon Police Dog, Stryker is now equipped with a bullet proof vest.  An individual donation of $2,500 from Swagelok that was specifically ear-marked to assist in purchasing a bullet proof vest for Stryker contributed to the purchase.  The Solon VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post located at 6340 Melbury Avenue in Solon made an individual donation in the amount of $2,000. According to Solon Police Department Chief Christopher Viland, the Solon Police Department accepts any donation to the K-9 fund, in any amounts, for numerous purposes to care for, equip, train and save for expansion of the Solon Police Department’s K-9program.  The Solon Police Department also sells T-shirts and wrist bands for the specific purpose of fund raising for the canine program on occasion.