Solon Mayor Congratulates National Science Olympiad Teams

City of Solon Mayor Susan Drucker welcomed the winners of the 2011 National Science Olympiad team from Solon High School and Solon Middle to the June 6th meeting of Solon City Council.  An award was presented to the Solon School coaches for the High School and Middle School, Drew Kirian and Donna Ross.  The team members received proclamations.

Mayor Drucker said that the teams from the Solon School district “broke a 21 year old record by taking the first place at the high and middle school level at the tournament”.

The names of the team members were recognized at the meeting. The 2011 National Science Olympiad team members from Solon High School were  Roger Zou, Shashank Raghavachari, Ayush Gupta, Aditya Nair, Eugene Rabinovich, Ben Nudelman, Oliver Chen, Stephen Tang, Nick Palumbo, Andrew Mikofalvy, John Zeng, Haoran Yuan, Danny Sperling, Stephanie Sang, Lisa Guo, Sonia Godbole, Yuxi Liu, Lillian Sun and Stephanie Zhu.

The Solon Middle School team members included Katrina Mikofalvy, Zach Bogorad, Alan Jaffe, Tyler Eston, Dorothy Chan, Kevin Sang, Rachel Sperling, Rebecca Zhao, Jessica Zhang.


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