Solon Police Department Participates In Helmet Smart Campaign

Correct Way To Wear A Helmet

Correct Way To Wear A Helmet

According to Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, there is no bicycle helmet use law in nearly 30 states and Ohio is one of them.  Children ages 14 and under are very vulnerable to head injury while riding their bikes.  This remains true regardless of how responsible and careful your children are when riding their bicycles.  Helmets have been shown to reduce the risk of a life-long brain or head injury by 85%.  Nationally, AAA reports show only 15% of all kids wear bike helmets.

The purpose of a helmet is to absorb the energy of an impact to minimize or prevent a head injury. Crush-able, expanded polystyrene foam generally is used for this purpose.

The Solon Police Department is participating in the 2011 Summer Helmet Smart campaign.  Through this campaign Solon Police Department is encouraging all parents to take an active role in their children’s safety by encouraging all children to wear bike helmets while riding.

Suggested Bicycling Gear

Suggested Bicycling Gear


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