Tragedy Strikes Solon Schools' Family

It was reported that Maliyah Jones, a fifth-grader at Orchard Middle School in Solon was killed in a fiery collision between a tanker truck and a car that killed three people.  Maliyah Jones’s mother Malaka Jones was also killed in the crash.  Maliyah Jones has three siblings in the Solon School District’s Parkside Elementary School and Solon High School.

Solon Schools spokeswoman, Tammy Strom, sent the following email to Solon Schools’ Families,

The thoughts and prayers of the Solon Schools’ community today are with the family of Maliyah Jones, a Solon student who passed away last night in a tragic accident. Maliyah was a fifth grader at Orchard Middle School.

For those students who knew Maliyah well, the guidance counselor and psychologist at Orchard are prepared to help them address their feelings of loss. The school counselors, administrators and all staff will have an open-door policy to assist students who need to talk or need reassurance at any time. Counselors will also be available at the other Solon Schools (Parkside and Solon High School) where Maliyah’s siblings Antonio, Dayna and Khrystian attend.

In addition, the Bereavement Center of Hospice of the Western Reserve, which helps schools handle situations such as this, can provide assistance to students and families as well. The number for the Bereavement Center is (216) 486-6838.

The counselors at the Bereavement Center stress that it is important for families to understand that each child deals with loss in his or her own way. The most important thing for parents to do is to be supportive and listen to their children if they need to talk. Some children won’t want to talk about a loss and move on as if nothing has happened. This also is a normal response. A resource guide for Common Grief Reactions is attached and is also posted on the home page of each of the Solon Schools to assist parents.

At this time, Maliyah’s family needs space and time to deal with their loss. If additional information becomes available or if there is assistance that the family requests, we will pass that information along to you.


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